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Do you like sci-fi but also gears, nuts, bolts and goggles? You’ll love Steampunk

Jim Beckerman


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“Back to the future.” That, in a word, is Steampunk.

OK, several words.

Steampunk, basically, is retro-futurism. It’s a mix of space-age science and steam-age technology. “I usually define steampunk as a 19th-century flavor or aesthetic, used to color how we might view the present and the future,” Jeff Mach of Hackensack, who founded the eight-year-old Steampunk World’s Fair, told NorthJersey.com and the USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey in 2017.

“Steampunk,” the term, was born in April 1987, when the fantasy writer K.W. Jeter (“Morlock Night”) wrote an…

(This is an older piece, from my Jeff Mach Events days.)


As a Dark Lord, I spread Villainy. This doesn’t necessarily mean unhappiness. Not every Villain enjoys universal misery; that’s a really narrow view of monstrosity. Some of us prefer to profit from the many benefits of a thoughtful, engaged populace with a high morale; they’re productive and creative and inventive.

Do we fear that they’ll overthrow us because the Heroes offer a better life?


Have you met the Heroes?


a simple goal I have for every Jeff Mach Event: I make weekend-long homes for unusual people.


Core Beliefs:

If we’re pursuing something that truly hits us on a bone-deep level, then some of our shit will offend, alarm, and frighten people. Some of what we do will have unintended consequences. That doesn’t mean it’s out of our control; it means that the scope of what we create, when doing consensual kink, is very large. It’s cathartic. It’s transformative, and that’s something I’ll talk about a lot, the idea that we use kink to shape and forge ourselves, to become newer, better, stronger versions of ourselves

So working with the physical, mental, and emotional tools of kink…

Game Changers: Steampunk turns 30

Jim Beckerman

Staff Writer@jimbeckerman1

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It’s been many and many a year, and The Steampunk World’s Fair is no more. But I’ve been looking at some of my older interviews and thinking of posting them. This one is from Steampunk-Music.com.

There are people who create music, and those who promote music. However, there are indeed those rare creatures around who do both. Jeff Mach is one of those double-threats, a promoter of epic steampunk, goth, and other themed events that draw thousands of people from around the world, and a singer-songwriter who tells engaging stories through his music.

I first discovered Mach’s music when I…

Those who are excited to see me canceled will probably be excited by this. Feel free. I have several hundred clients I can contact OUTSIDE of Fiverr, by nature of my gigs. It was never my intention to do so; I’d planned to stay with Fiverr. But once they kick me out, I’m not bound by their terms of service.

Here’s the story:

  1. I asked for a refund on some stock photos, because I found some evidence that the seller was NOT an authorized reseller of stock photos.
  2. I got the refund. AND the Seller got banned. And I got…

Once upon a time, there was a man who was suddenly hit by hundreds of allegations. Bad allegations. Ugly allegations. Allegations of an impossible range of sexual assault, weird sex crimes, massive fraud — no, not fraud, something more sorcerous and sinister: the ability to take tens of thousands of dollars and (impossibly) make them disappear.

I am Jeff Mach. I was hit by those allegation in January, 2018. And they are not true.

For literal years, I’ve tried to find a way they could BE true, because my first instinct, before we had a modern-day understanding of mobs, was…

I tried. I tried hard to believe. I went underground. I went silent. I apologized. I went penitent, and I was penitent straight down to my soul.

And it was all crap. And I’m done.

This is a gentle note on giving up the last vestiges of personal belief that I have done anything wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that some people sincerely believe my doing them wrong, and some people have real tangible memories of it. However, since I have real, tangible memories of many of them abusing, hurting, cheating, and abusing others, I’m forced to come…

David Bowie: So many things to so many people.

It’s been four years since David Bowie died, and it’s still hard to think of a world without him.

Yes, David Bowie’s death still hurts. But there is only one way for me, personally, to mourn the death of David Bowie, and that is to look at how fearlessly he shaped and reshaped himself, becoming something new when his previous self wasn’t quite enough — and try to do the same in my own life, my own world, and my own events.

David Robert Jones was one of the great reinventors of our world — able to become some new…

So if you know me, you might know that, among other things, I am a professional marketing consultant. It’s been a really interesting trip, these past ten years, most especially with Facebook.

I wrote an article, one which I’d hoped would become more dated, rather than more timely, on how social media profits from making you upset and outraged. If you’ve seen that article, you can tell that it doesn’t say that you should never be outraged — just that social media in general, and Facebook in particular, has a stake in seeing you angry and upset.

Now, the story…

Jeff Mach

Jeff Mach’s an author, event creator, and Villain. His new show’s www.EvilExpo.com, and his Dark Lord book is at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1499905807.

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